Factors to Consider When Choosing Olive Wood Cutting Board

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Olive wood cutting board is great for chopping vegetables, carving meat as well as cutting bread and cheese. Usually, this is created from a block of olive wood. This wood is nonporous and seamless. The hard wood does not retain any odors, stains or germs. These beautiful boards are cut from old olive trees that are no longer productive and fruitful. The trees are hardened by years of Mediterranean heat that make them durable and strong.If you are one of those persons who are searching for an olive cutting board in the market, there are some factors, which you should consider. You have to bear in mind that there are some olive wood cutting boards out there. However, only some will match on your needs. That is the reason why you should shop wisely by considering some factors such as:

Your Purpose or Needs

Your needs or purpose is one of the factors you should consider. Your needs are not the same from others.. Therefore, if you will just utilize the cutting board occasionally, you have to ensure that you choose the right one because several olive wood cutting boards are made by numerous individuals who own a meat shop. If you don’t know which to choose, you can ask for help from your chosen store.



Shape is also an important factor. If you are kind of person who wants decorative items, you can select an olive cutting board that comes with an incomparable design. There are manufacturers that produce animal-like cutting boards.

Olive Wood Cutting BoardSize

Size is another important factor. Depending on your preferences or needs, you may choose the big or small ones. But, see to it that this would let you to cut efficiently and hassle-free.


When shopping around for olive wood cutting boards, brand also plays a huge role for you to get a quality made one. There are lots of brands that provide these cutting boards. But, there are only several that could meet your needs and some may give you overpriced items. The best way for you to determine a good brand is by making comparisons and asking suggestions from others.

Those factors can help you find the finest olive wood cutting board available in today’s market. Once you have purchased the right item for you, do not forget to give it with proper maintenance and care. Always store this tool properly as this can be beneficial in prolonging the life of your cutting board.


The Rising Popularity of Using an Olive Wood Bowl

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Known in its scientific name Elaeagnus Angustifolia L, the olive tree is common to Western Asia and Southern Europe.This tree is recognized as an ever-present specie in the United States. It is the place where it hinders with the series of natural plants, water reservoir and nutrient cycle.A tiny shrub with thorns, an olive tree can develop the maximum height of 15 to 30 feet.This form of wood is seen with dark brown color and has some linear grain pattern.It is mostly applied in the creation of arts and crafts pieces.

Olive wood may come with fine pores, which allow it to be determined as one of the toughest and heaviest forms of wood found on Earth.Preferably, olive wood is used in several culinary activities and practices; this is due to its almost zero bacteria content and odor.The texture of this wood is really distinctive which forms within the very slow development process almost 1000 years.Finally, olive trees can obtain the height of around ten to twenty meters.In a few Mediterranean countries, the crafts of olive wood working hold a fine practice since several years.It has been proven with a well-crafted olive wood bowl. This olive wood piece has become really functional in today’s kitchens.


Olive WoodNowadays, it is very common to see kitchens with these pieces. It has been used for culinary purposes.The collection will certainly include some pieces of olive wood bowl. Many kitchen owners love its use.You can always guarantee that an olive wood bowl will stand the test of time and will play the right role it should with its dependable quality and features.

The wood is dried and held for some period of time. This is before the other processes are performed with olive wood products.This process allows the material to become smooth with fairly shiny surface.With a professional wood crafter, thorough structuring to every olive wood product will be performed.For some touch of maintenance, it is recommended to simply have the wood cleaned with a bit of dish washing liquid and then rub it with some sunflower oil or olive oil to avoid the wood from drying.

The popularity of using an olive wood bowl has become really apparent. This is due to its functional, stylish and dependable use.So, if you want to have the best pieces of olive wood bowl, considering the collection of SonCon Trading must offer you some great deals.